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...serves up fresh content as a forward-thinking Entertainment Host, Actress, and Entrepreneur.  Set on breaking the mold of how the public sees media and film, P’Etra strives to shine a positive light in everything she does.

Born and raised in St. Gabriel Louisiana, this southern belle was built with integrity and has proven to be quite the recherche blossom.  P’Etras’ southern hospitality and mind stimulating personality carries over into her work leaving her audience inspired and ready to tackle life with a new approach.


Upon returning to college, the blend of denials of internships and determination led her to create a YouTube sensation known as P’Etra Elise TV. This platform focuses on interviewing celebrity guest and social media influencers with a positive twist.  PETV is not just another YouTube channel. It gives her rise to her career and promotes self-reflection for its viewers. With clear goals in mind, the small YouTube channel grew to reach 50,000+ viewers and gave her opportunity to interview household names like Oprah, Tyler Perry, Mark Wahlberg, and Paula Patton, just to name a few.

Gaining momentum, P’Etra launched her career forward working with highlights such as Rolling Out and AfterBuzz Studios.  These opportunities eventually led her to branching out on her own and coming into the spotlight she is in today.

One of her favorite quotes is, “When you know better, do better”.  

P’Etra exemplifies this as she grows with her audience; of each segment of Beyond the Entertainer. She aims to use all media platforms to help people gain the mindset of living better lives and take the necessary steps to achieve their goals.  

She dedicates herself to her passion and encourages others to do the same.  When she is not setting up interviews or creating content, you might find her playing card games or in acting classes.  She delights in perfecting her craft and works every day to be better than she was yesterday. You can catch up with P’Etra on social media @petraelisetv.

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